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2013-04-21 12:56:00 by TFreezyTFZ

Been a while since I made one of these and filled you guys in (if anybody actually reads these lol). Well here goes:

Not only has music has been my #1 priority ever since I let go of all the songs in "Memories"(my newgrounds promo tape), but i've been networking my ass off. I found a photographer/videographer to shoot my first single off the mixtape in the summer. Can't fucking wait man. I also got a team of promoters for when the actual mixtape drops. When i say we are taking over the city, i LITERALLY mean that. Houston is about to know Augustine whether they like it or not.

But for right now I'm kind of stuck. I still need to finish my first promo track (Palm of My Hands), and come up with my arsenal. If you don't know, arsenal means group of crack ass songs lol. Then, I can finally tell my story, do shows, promote, etc. Until then, i technically don't even have a career. So the pressure is crazy....but it's cool cause im doing what I love. What i've been doing since the age of 12. 4 years.

So no more spur of the moment, random, experimental songs. Only classics from here on out.

I'm done talking. It's time for action.

Yeah. So thanks for reading (: means alot!

For now, listen to my new song, "Gone."



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2013-09-18 14:04:08

We need to collaborate homie.