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2011-07-05 19:00:40 by TFreezyTFZ

Fuck 0 bomber's.

All I gotta say.


2011-06-23 17:53:02 by TFreezyTFZ

What recording software does anyone use besides COOL EDIT FUCKING PRO. Everytime i try to save my song it deletes EVERYTHING and im sick of re-recording shit.

So any options will be greatly appreciated.


2011-06-16 11:34:33 by TFreezyTFZ

I planned to upload a short song today, but it got deleted -___-. I either have to spend like 5 hours trying to recover it, or re-record it.

Whichever one i do, it wont be as good as the original i was pretty much DONE WITH.


I have a definite $90 in my pocket right now. All i gotta do is focus on these damn exams for the next week. So no new songs =/. I have a 2 verse 2 chorus song almost ready so i guess i'll upload that shizz. I also have another little something ill upload soon


Just matter WTF i mic ends up fucking up my song.

I dont have time anymore to be spending hours on one verse to make it sound proffesional with this 20 dollar best buy mic =/. Fuck it, im saving up and buying a condenser mic. A Top notch kid needs top notch equipment right? Lol. By my spending its a huge investment, but its worth it.(At least i hope so)

So now I cant finish any of my songs due to the horrible quality they all come out to be, but ima upload some old stuff when my mic was less dusty lol :P.

(BTW, if your reading this, post a comment! Sometimes i feel like im talking to nobody XD.)

My bad !!!

2011-04-21 17:18:07 by TFreezyTFZ

I really apologize for the lack of tracks! I've just been really busy with my life lately, but ive written and recorded a bunch of stuff! Ima see what I can do for this 3 day weekend and whip up some FULL songs.
Not that 1 minute shit :).

So, seriously this time, LETS DOOO ITTTT !

New Tribute song.

2011-03-31 19:53:53 by TFreezyTFZ

R.I.P Nate Dogg and R.I.P Pimp C

Going to do a song that made me gain respect for Pimp C. Remix status :). Its all done and shit, just fixing stuff up. Amateur recording FTL ;(

So take a listen this weekend


2011-03-27 11:15:34 by TFreezyTFZ

Gonna make a youtube and twitter soon.

Seems like NG just aint my scene anymore. But dont worry i'll be here uploading exclusive tracks for months more.


2011-03-26 18:25:05 by TFreezyTFZ
Updated /409263

whoop whoop swag swag.

Hop on this ! If yours is hot ill re-upload it with your verse on it.

BTW it got 0'ed by some fag once again, so its a 1.18.


2011-03-22 20:16:11 by TFreezyTFZ

You know what, FUCK the front page ! So sick and tired of my tracks bein 0'ed by some troll.