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2011-03-20 18:30:40 by TFreezyTFZ

I'm in a slump =/. Hate when this happens.

BRB looking for beats ASAP.


2011-03-08 16:34:23 by TFreezyTFZ

Never vented in a track. Who knows i might just get some stuff of my chest on a O:

Stay posted!

MC Knock Out = Over for me ;(

2011-03-05 13:36:30 by TFreezyTFZ

I submitted the track too late. I was practically done like 2 days ago, but i wanted to make it as good as possible. So I asked BigRed if i could upload it in the evening on march 4th and he said it was fine.

So i waited until the last minute.

And when it all came down to it, i was too late. I guess i learned my lesson. It just sucks that i spent a whole bunch of time and effort on this competition just to be told I cant be in it =/.

I made up a rhyme for this
"I was just aiming for perfection,
But through all the recognition,
It cost me the competition ;("

Good luck to everyone who's in the comp.


2011-03-04 19:10:52 by TFreezyTFZ

Just did the outro to my hype track.

Expect a banger.
Gonna change up the flow of this hype competition.

You've been warned.

Trying some new flows out. It should be done very soon :)

Touchdown SWAG?

2011-02-19 14:24:53 by TFreezyTFZ

Lol who wants to hop on a quick verse on this beat? wpVg
Similar style to me please! :D

Hype Contest?

2011-02-17 17:33:15 by TFreezyTFZ

Oooh sounds fun. Itll be cool to get my name out there!


Lets see how long it lasts this time

My Performance song lol

2011-02-06 21:35:10 by TFreezyTFZ

Heres the song me and my buddy were supposed to use to perform at the xmas party. /397609

Check it out and vote a 5 ;).

New Songs?

2011-02-06 13:17:57 by TFreezyTFZ

Im so sorry that I havent posted in SOOO long. Its just that im tryna do some major projects!

But im gonna TRY to put something out. Asthma Team freeverse? Oh yes. We will see.