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2011-01-23 20:56:24 by TFreezyTFZ

I hate how people upload amazing beats on NG, but it was uploaded like 3 years ago and theyve completely vanished off the face of the earth.

I wrote lyrics to this beat and everything ;( /237724

GAHHHHHH!!!! If anyone finds this guy, tell him TFREEZY wants to use his beat!! lol.

New Songs&Updates .

2011-01-09 22:54:50 by TFreezyTFZ

Lol, if you didnt know ive been working on about 3 songs for NG. One of which with autotune.

Ive also been going thru the audio portal. Really sweet seriously. I thought most of NG were wack ass posers with nothing better to do. But there are actually dedicated musicians on the grind tryna make it. It's really inspiring. I LOVE it here.

BTW, trying to hop on collabs w/ singers OR rappers with my similar style. I also wanna try something a bit different with mah buddy QSik.

So yeah..expect some hot stuff this week (:



2010-12-25 21:22:50 by TFreezyTFZ

WHAT THE FUCK everytime my song FINALLY gets to the front page it gets "0"-ed for no reason. WTF?

Blowin Upp!!

2010-12-24 11:58:24 by TFreezyTFZ

In only 2 days, my song "To The Sky" has made me something. Kids from my city have listened to it and gave me lots of good recognition. NG artists are diggin it, and hell, IM PRETTY PROUD OF IT! :D
It went from 5.00 on the first page, to 3.68(thanks to a zero-bomber). Back up to a 3.98(thanks to some nice listeners), and now...a 4.25. A 4.25 PEOPLE!! Thats pretty friggin' awesome.

I always made raps, but i wanted to be my best for Newgrounds. I knew i was good, but there was always that one thing that could make me better. And there still is. But after uploading my QUICK song done in about 2 or 3 hours, and getting a 4.25 in 2 days really showed me I could be something. And I wasnt another wack ass artist on NG, or in general.

Now, its time to get down to business. Im looking for people with my similar style of rap to collab. Im planning on after making some full length singles, to start a youtube and a twitter and stuff. Im gonna need some good rappers OR singers to hop on a track with me. Shoot me a message. Im also looking for dedicated and experienced NG artists as mentors. Yes, MENTORS! Im only 14, remember that guys! And lastly, im looking for a rapper about my age. I'd really like to have someone who raps and can relate to me on a teenage level.
I dont expect this all to go down in the next day or two, it'll probably take a couple months. But it's all good, cause i'll only improve producing, rapping, and singing-wise 'till everything comes into place.

So get at me!

Quick Song. Take a Listen.

2010-12-22 16:30:10 by TFreezyTFZ

Made a new song called "To The Sky"

You can call it my intro to newgrounds :).

Take a listen. /385496


EDIT: Officially got its first HATER "0" rating at 3:50 P.M. and lost its 5.00 rating =(.

First Performance.

2010-12-11 21:09:05 by TFreezyTFZ

Absolutely NO singles released and im performing at a christmas get-together in Houston. :D

So excited.
But yea, expect to be blasted with all my freeverses/songs once i finish editing them.

Currently working on:
Original Song(LOOKING FOR BEAT!!)
Original Song Ft. Young Ace(LOOKING FOR BEAT!!)
Love Dont Stop(Freeverse by me, HOPEFULLY 2 verses. Currently being written)

Expect them ALL to drop just before new years. I have exams right now so Im gonna lay low on the music scene. But christmas break...ITS GOIN DOWN!!!!!! LEH GO!!!


Back in action

2010-11-20 20:48:43 by TFreezyTFZ

A couple new freeverses.

And i will HOPEFULLY i will finish my cover for this song mE1s

Gonna test out my singing WITHOUT autotune. Putting it on NEWGROUNDS first. Hope you guys listen.



2010-10-15 18:59:42 by TFreezyTFZ

Everythings going so wrong right now...
BUT IM STILL GOING HARD. Ive been working on some stuff, just got a new mic.

Upcoming freeverse.

2010-10-02 16:15:51 by TFreezyTFZ

25% through my freeverse. So far it sounds good :).


2010-10-01 19:59:53 by TFreezyTFZ

*sniffle*. :(