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Still working on the song.

2010-09-30 21:01:00 by TFreezyTFZ

I pretty much got the first verse ready. the chorus IS AALLLLLL READY :).
be ready for a banger :D.

New Songs.

2010-09-26 16:28:06 by TFreezyTFZ

Hey guys,
I'm working on a new song called "Everywhere I Go". Expect it around next week, im gonna do the rough copy now and edit it and shizz when i have the time.(school)

Also im gonna hop on a couple freeverses. Watch out for them.


2010-09-16 21:59:24 by TFreezyTFZ

I've spent a couple months ironing out the kinks of my vocals and messing around with Cool Edit Pro to make the best quality! Im ready to get in the game!
Looking for producers. Interested? Let me know.

Doing big things in 2010 - 2011.